Abide In Him – A One In Christ Conference

‘Abide in Me, and I in you.’
Jesus gave us this assignment in John 15 verse 4.
Throughout this One In Christ Conference we want to put this corporately into practice with these different expressions:

Corporate Worship time:
We make time to worship the Lord corporately in every session. There is power in inviting the Lord and giving Him all the glory and honor as One body: One In Christ. We give room to the Holy Spirit, to do what He wants to do in our midst and in our lives and hearts.

Deep teaching sessions with practical tools with speakers Murray and Deborah Hiebert:
Murray and Deborah Hiebert are the Directors of OneEleven Global, a missions sending organization that exists to advance worship & prayer for missions  everywhere. Murray & Deborah were both part of the team that pioneered the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and have also helped to establish prayer rooms around the world. Murray and Deborah give themselves tirelessly to see the global church strengthened in her identity as a House of Prayer for all nations. They live in Kansas City, MO with their four children.

Message from Murray and Deborah:

Time of Fellowship:
Before and after main sessions, church continuouswith coffee, tea and a biscuit. Encountering one another, having a chat and building friendships is a way how the Lord shows himself through us to one another. Coffee, tea, water, softdrinks and biscuits will be available for a small contribution. Bring your own meals as meals will not be offered. There are different places to eat or take-away in the neighborhood of the venue. 

Continuous Worship Room:
A cozy, welcoming and heartwarming living room where you can sit, stand, dance,… just be in the Lord’s presence. In a living room setting worship will be continuous  arise from beginning to the end of the conference. It is possible here to express yourself creatively in worship through writing, painting and crafting.

Expo Artwork:
As soon as you walk into the conference venue, you will encounter different artworks.Several Belgian artists will share their work and heart with us and take us along in their worship towards the Lord through art. 

Shop with Christian Resources:
Philadelphia Bookshop brings from Antwerp a nice collection of bibles in Dutch, French and English. It is our mission to spread Gods Word until Jesus returns. We also bring gifts, Christian clothing, jewelry, etc… We are here for you, to listen, encourage and pray for you. Together we are strong in Him!

Children Room:
Children are warmly welcome to join us in any session but if they need some separate time, there is a children-room available with nursing-station for baby’s and mums, crafting-table for older children, etc… The audio of the main sessions will be heard in this room at reduced volume.

Practical info:

Timing of the sessions:

  • Session 1 Friday 31/3 at 7:30PM – 9PM
  • Session 2 Saturday 1/4 at 10AM – 12AM
  • Session 3 Saturday 1/4 at 2:20PM – 4:30PM
  • Session 4 Saturday 1/4 at 7PM – 9PM
  • Session 5 Sunday 2/4 at 10AM – 12AM
  • Session 6 Sunday 2/4 at 2:30PM – 4:30PM

Languages: Spoken in English with translation in Dutch on stage & French in headsets.

Free entrance with required registration:

Reserve your spot via the registration bottom above. As places are limited, please make sure to be present at your registered sessions.

If you want to give a financial gift to cover the costs, expenses and ministry of the speakers please transfer the amount on the bankaccount of Heartbeat Church:
BE48 0014 1133 3327 • BIC: GEBABEBB
with the mention ‘One In Christ Conference Abide In Him’. We’re very grateful for every amount that we receive and we pray that the giver will be blessed in return abundantly.