Sue Ball

British born, but living, working and based out of Bredene, Belgium.

My artwork has been birthed out of the desire to create and to see and feel a shapeless mass change in our hands into something beautiful and precious. it brings us closer
to our Maker – the One whom we can draw inspiration from, to create and bring into being our deepest unexpressed emotions.

The materials used in my work are a metaphor of the unseen complexity of the inner man, the imagining of the invisible evolution of the mind, soul and spirit.

Accademic courses:

  • 4 years of drawing and painting – Art Academy in Bredene 1995-1998
  • 5 years Ceramics higher degree – Art Academy in Ostend/Bruges 1998-2002
  • 5 years Sculpture higher degree – Art Academy in Ostend 2004-2009
  • 3 years specialization degree Sculpture – Art Academy in Ostend. 2009-2012
  • 4 years of painting higher degree – Art Academy Ostend. 2014-2018