Tascha Celis

Ever since I was young I loved drawing, like any other kid would. But I find my joy in it and I never stopped drawing.
I have ADHD and as a kid I never could sit still for very long and had the concentration of a gold fish. But when I was drawing I could draw forever, with all the concentration of the world. It was the one place where I could find peace and rest.

First I started with sketches and eventually I switched to color and used, Pastel, watercolor’s, acrylics, and oil paint. I never studied to become a painter, I never had any classes I just figured it out as I went, and I did get a lot of advise from fellow artists. It was a journey but one than I was happy to take. I was having fun.

All my paintings are a way for me to get my emotions visualized and on paper or on canvas.
The more I grew in my faith and the more I got to know Jesus, the more my painting started to develop as well. I didn’t want make just pretty paintings anymore I wanted to make something that meant something more. I wanted people to get to know God just by looking at one of my paintings and ask questions. I started to draw and paint lead by the Holy Spirit, and it is amazing!
My paintings are a journey and a conversation with God.