What a love!

Are you looking for a love that can fill you so deeply, a love where you can be yourself and that is unconditional? Then I want to encourage you with this poem. It is a testimony of how I have experienced God and how He has guided me to share His love with others. God also wants to take you deeper into His heart. Allow yourself to be tenderly embraced by the Father. 


What a love!

(Translated from the Dutch version)

The love that wants to let me dance
Is a love that gives me a new chance every time. 
Every time I doubt your patience with me
You show me that You see me. It sets me free.
Right through it all you remain the anchor.

I am loved, I am accepted and therefore so grateful
Your love never comes to an end
I am your beloved daughter forever
You take me deeper into your Word. 
Which means that I realize You always hear me.

How wonderful You guide things on my path. 
It is a love that contains it all. 
The fact you see me as righteous, perfect and clean
Enables me to be more and more myself. 
You saw me broken and still You chose me
That makes me safe and always by your side.

You say the way I love, love others the same
Search my lost sons and daughters
Because it is them you also see with so much love
Share with them, give and don’t let go
Because they are wanted also. I know their existence

Father, how wonderful to know that You are proud of me
You hold me, You are close.
Nothing or no one can separate me from You
You never let go, I belong to You.

What a miracle that You made me
so beautifully in my mother’s womb
You had a plan, You conquered death.
Through the suffering
Through the pain
I may know that I will be Yours for eternity

I am so happy, my heart is at rest
When you kiss me tenderly on my forehead.
No one is so beautiful, so awesome and so faithful.
Make me just like You, so that I will love You more and more. 

Dear Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit
Like You there has been none in my life.
I want to show Your smile to the world
So they will also know: I am seen

Because we, your childeren have so much to give,
there’s no end to it
When we really understand your language of love.